Clinical research study data is complex. No two studies have exactly the same needs. ClinvestiGator provides each investigator with a custom-tailored, secure and reliable data system.

Launch your study with a data management system that works for you!

About Us

ClinvestiGator has been developed based upon over 30 years of experience in clinical research and medical informatics. The ClinvestiGator team of informatics system experts, includes computer scientists, programmers, methodological, statistical and research experts and exceptional user support. Unlike other off-the-shelf packages, ClinvestiGator provides the ability to customize the system to individual researcher needs, and the team develops and adapts the ClinvestiGator data management system as required to meet the objectives for a specific study or registry.
Because we have performed our own research over the last three decades, the ClinvestiGator team understands what is required to automate the research process to improve study workflow and to analyze study data.